Trend Signal Turn Dates for S&P500

One of our readers aksed on what dates the MATI trend signal for the S&P 500 turned durring the last few decades.

Here is a table that shows on what dates the MATI signak turned up and down and what the level was of the S&:P 500 at that moment.

What Monthly Trend Signals Updates Do Members Get

.Stock Trend Investing members get every month an updated status of the long-term trend direction for a number of major stock market indices in the world.


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Every month at the beginning of the month we assess what the current trend direction is and we share this with our members.


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This Market Has Beaten Your Investing Returns

There is always a market that has done better than your own overall stock investing returns. It is one of the pitfalls of investing to look back and tell yourself “if I just had only invested in that market”.

As a smart index investor with sufficient funds to invest, you do not bet on just one market. You pick a number of different markets to spread your risks. You could for example invest in different international markets (if that is for you, read here more about diversifying internationally).

Always Long At the Top

Here is a confession of a trend follower: I am always long at the top. I am always late with getting out of the market. When the market hits its top, I am there. But when it is on the way down, initially I am still there.

Does this sound bad to you?

I can imagine that you see it as a sure loss when you are long the market when the market is at its top. Logical, after a top the market is declining. And when you are long a declining market, you are losing money.


Perspective on Winning and Losing


Correct, but it is all a matter of your perspective, or the time frame that you are considering.

Know When to Enter Before You Exit

It is common wisdom among successful traders that you should know when to exit a trade before you open a trade. This is actually the easy part. The difficult question is when you enter the market again after you exited a trade.

Good and Bad Trades

Good trades are trades that are following a profitable trading system. Bad trades are trades that are done on the fly, based on emotions. Good or bad trades have nothing to do with how profitable that single trade was. Good or bad trades are all about trading long-term in a systematic, profitable way.

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