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We are a stock market information service that helps you to grow your savings and protect your wealth.

The stock market is the best place to grow your savings in the long run. However, if you are without our service, prolonged market crashes like those in 2001 and 2008 could wipe out 35% to even 60% of your savings.

Our speciality is to help private individuals who manage their own money to grow their savings and protect their wealth: we enable you to avoid the massive stock market downturns and to make money during the years that the stock markets are going up.

We provide our clients with analytical signals that notify you when to buy funds and invest in the stock market and when to sell these funds and move out of the market.

Our clients use our simple approach, that takes less than one hour a month of your time, and proprietary signals to get a return on their money that is proven to be 110% higher than the overall stock market gains of a 10-year period. Read here more about our historical results


About Our Founder

Van Beek is the founder and CEO of Stock Trend Investing. His professional background is that of a Managing Director and Senior Business Manager in international corporations. Van Beek is originally from the Netherlands where he graduated in 1991 with a Master of Science degree in Innovation and Business.

Since 1997, he is living abroad together with his family. He has actually lived in many of the countries that are covered by the Stock Trend Investing system, like e.g. India and China. Currently he is living in Bangkok, Thailand.

You can read here more on how Van Beek discovered the Stock Trend Investing system.



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How do you know when to buy or sell funds

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