S&P 500 Trend Signal Email Alert

Following the requests from many of our visitors, we are launching now the S&P 500 Trend Signal Email Alert.


If you are just interested in getting an email alert when the long-term trend of the S&P 500 index changes direction, click here.


When you sign up for this email alert service, you will get immediately an email from us when the MATI signal indicates a shift in the long-term trend direction.


This may happen only once or twice in the few years. We are talking long-term trends here.

Proven S&P 500 Trend Signal Alert

But the MATI signal alert would have protected you from the collapse of the dot.com bubble in 2001 and financial crisis in 2008. Elsewhere on our site you can find the proven historical returns of the MATI trend signal for the S&P 500.


For only $3.33 per month, less than the price of one Grande Latte at Starbucks, you can profit now from downturns, grow your savings and protect your capital.


Sign now up for the S&P 500 Trend Signal Email Alert.


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