Dividend Investing

Buy and Hold Dividend versus Trend Following Risks

Buy and Hold Dividend versus Trend Following stock investing

When you apply a certain stock investing strategy, you implicitly choose to accept the risks that go with that strategy. Here we describe the specific risks for two well-know and often applied strategies.

  1. Buy and Hold a Dividend Fund

  2. Trend Following with Stock Market Index Funds

Protect Your Dividend Stock Investing Profits from Crisis

 Dividend stock investing risk. It may take 6 years for the stock to recover

It may take 6 to 26 years for a dividend stock to recover after you invested in it.


Here you find 3 tactics that you can choose from when you invest in dividend stocks and a stock market crisis may lie around the corner. Imagine that you are investing in Procter & Gamble; one of these well-known dividend stocks and one of the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones.

High Dividend Funds during Bear and Bull Markets

High Dividend Funds during Bear and Bull Markets
Performance comparison between High Dividend Fund and the general index.

Will High Dividend Funds outperform an index like the S&P 500 during bear markets, during bull markets or all the time?

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