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Our stock market information service is one of the best services available to help you to decide when to buy and sell mutual funds or index funds.


By following the “buy” and “sell” signals from our system, you can take in greater profits, working with your long-term investments in the stock market, rather than relying on a buy-and-hold strategy of funds.


"When I sold all my funds in February 2008 and bought them back again in
May 2009, I escaped the biggest downturn in the stock market of the last 7 years.
I plan to avoid to the next massive downturn as well."


How does the system work? Why this approach is suitable for investors?


The system is designed for investors who want to spend less time on their portfolios and still maintain full control over their investments.


This approach is called Stock Trend Investing. Using this approach, you review your investment holdings only once a month. During that review, you decide if you want to change your investments. On average, your review only takes about 10 minutes each month.



Avoid the Pitfalls of Investing In Funds

If you'd rather avoid the headache of spending countless hours analyzing the financials of endless different companies, trying to find the winners, then opting into one of our preferred low-cost mutual funds or index funds is a great option.

By choosing one of our preferred funds, you spread your risk over many different companies.

Many investors have a false sense of safety when they invest in mutual funds. You count on these funds to be safe investments. There is a misunderstanding here. The fund managers are expected to invest the majority of the money that they manage in the stock market. In good times they try to pick the biggest winners. And in difficult times they try to pick the companies that do better than the rest...


When the overall long-term market trend is down, some stocks do better than the others. But also these stocks trend down when the overall stock market index struggles over a period of months or years. If you've invested in some of those stronger stocks and funds, you may do better than average, but you are still losing money.

The solution is to buy index funds and mutual funds at the beginning of a market upswing and to sell the funds at the beginning of a downturn. It seems so simple, but how can you recognize the right moment to buy; the right moment to sell?


Objective Indicators for Long-Term Trends

When you pay attention to the financial news, you may be utterly confused about the trends in the overall stock market. There's a reason: most of the news focuses on short-term fluctuations and not on long-term trends. Long-term trends are no news.


There's a simple and objective method that defines the direction of the longer-term trend in the overall stock market. At Stock Trend Investing, our method has proven itself over the last decade.


The Stock Trend Investing System is based on a mathematical approach that recognizes patterns in the monthly and daily closing price of stock market indices. These patterns are historically tested. They confirm a trend's direction, or they indicate if a change of direction is more likely.


Trend Investing beats Buy and Hold

Stock Trend investing turns $10k into $49,438. Buy and Hold would deliver just $28,262 in 18 years.

If you want to be 100% sure where market trends are headed, you'll spend your entire life searching for a crystal ball. There are no guarantees in the stock market. No one can predict the future. But you can be more right than wrong in identifying market trends.


A Simple Approach That Works

As an investor using the Stock Trend Investing System, you'll be able to review the market trends and your holdings every month. If your monthly review of the trends confirms your assumptions, you can build on those assumptions and continue in the same direction.


When a review shows a change, you can make corrections quickly and adapt your investment holdings as needed.


To make your market analyses quick and easy, sign up for our Stock Trend Investing Service...

You'll receive updated trend direction indicators for more than a dozen different major domestic and international stock market indices each month.

You pick the markets in which you want to invest (US, UK, Europe, Asia, Japan, China, India, etc.) and you review those markets every month with our simple trend indicators. Our indicators can help you determine if you should buy, hold or sell.


As part of our service, you get a list of index and mutual funds that we would invest in ourselves. Note that we are not a broker. You actually buy, hold and sell the funds through your broker or bank.


We earn nothing from the purchase or sale of any of the funds we recommend. The Stock Trend Investment Service is completely unbiased and independent.


A comparison of our Stock Trend Investment approach to a buy-and-hold approach for the Dow Jones index over the last 20 years shows that you could make 352% more profit over that period as a trend investor, rather than as a buy-and-hold investor. You need only to look at an historic price chart of the index with all the fluctuations and booms and busts to see the logic.


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The Stock Trend Investing System works because it is based on objective signals that indicate the start of an extended period of growth or decline in the overall stock market.

You can limit your risk by investing in broad market funds or index funds—not in individual stocks. Review your investments quickly each month to see if you are on the right track, or if you need to make any adjustments. Following our system provides you confidence and peace of mind.

Our Stock Trend Investing Service provides you with monthly updated trend indicators that enable you to review trends for 15 different stock markets and for Gold—in 10 minutes or less. Execute your buy and sell orders for the funds that we have listed, or for stocks and funds that you have selected yourself through your regular stock broker or your bank. It is simple, straightforward, takes only a few minutes, and provides you with full control and oversight over your investments.

The question now is: can you justify investing in the stock market without taking major trends into account? Can you accept sub-par returns? Can you accept the losses during extended downturns, when you could have avoided them by selling your funds at the right time?


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The value of the service is in the growth of your savings and returns, the avoidance of losses during downturns, and the peace of mind you'll have when using a proven and systematic investment approach that only requires just a few minutes of your time.

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