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My Current Savings and Stock Investing Allocation in March 2012

Stock Investing and Regional Allocation of Savings


One of our members asked me after our latest long-term trend signal update, what my current stock investing allocation is for my savings. In his own words:

“What is the percentage of your money that you are now allocating for the US & Europe? What % is still in savings?”

Till now I never shared this type of details. But when someone asks a question like this, others probably would like to know the same.

This is How You Protect Your Cash Savings from this Currency Crisis

Protect Savings from the Currency Crisis

International diversification to protect your savings against a currency crisis.


Between September the previous year and June this year, Pedro had lost 74% of his savings measured in dollars. He was holding the savings of his family in cash. Stock markets were falling all over the world. Inflation was shooting up and live was becoming much more expensive every day. It was crisis.

Two Types of Risk and the Allocation of your Savings over Different Assets

Investing means taking risks. High returns without risks are impossible. The potential higher return is the reward for taking the higher risk.

There are two different types of risk:

Asset Allocation of Your Savings to dimish risk


Comments Tactical Asset Allocation Model - The Stock Trend Investing Approach

Comments and questions on our eBook "Tactical Asset Allocation Model - The Stock Trend Investing Approach" can be shared on this page. Leave your comments and questions. We will address them to the best of our abilities.

 Get here more information on our Tactical Asset Allocation Model eBook.


The report provides answers to 12 essential questions regarding risk and asset allocation.

It also includes 3 bonus checklist to help you answering these questions for youself:


  • In which asset classes to invest?
  • What part of my savings am I comfortable with to invest at this moment in the stock market?
  • What will be the size of my next investment step?


Please leave your comments and questions on the Ebook here.




Three key Tactical Asset Allocation Questions Every Investor Should Ask Themself

What percentage of my savings shall I invest in stocks? And what percentage shall I invest in bonds or keep in cash or other investment classes like real estate?

The questions in what to invest and how much of your savings to invest are on the top of the mind of every investor.

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Within the coming weeks, we will issue the Stock Trend Investing Tactical Asset Allocation Model. For our Twitter followers we will have a special surprise on this.



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