This Market Has Beaten Your Investing Returns

There is always a market that has done better than your own overall stock investing returns. It is one of the pitfalls of investing to look back and tell yourself “if I just had only invested in that market”.

As a smart index investor with sufficient funds to invest, you do not bet on just one market. You pick a number of different markets to spread your risks. You could for example invest in different international markets (if that is for you, read here more about diversifying internationally).

Geographical Diversification Lessons from Index Investing for Dummies

Global geographical diversification lessons for dummies

Get the benefits from a global geographical diversified portfolio of index funds

Once your stock investing portfolio is large enough, you can easily use index funds to diversify your investments over different regions in the world. Such a diversification has a few advantages that we will list below.

Here are four reasons for diversifying your stock investments geographically around the world:

The Small Cap Lesson from Index Investing for Dummies

S&P 500 History Trend versus Small Cap and Large Cap
US Market Trend Signals can be used for Trend Following Small Cap Index Funds
(Click and drag the chart to a new tab to see an enlargement)
Index Investing for Dummies tells us about the opportunity that Small Cap index funds are offering for all investors. At Stock Trend Investing we build on this and show you how Trend Investors can easily follow the long-term trends in Small Cap indices.
The DJIA is a price-weighting index of 30 large-cap stocks.

Stock Market Timing System for Beginners

Stock market timing system or service for beginners 

Stock market timing helps to make balanced buy-sell decisions to create great investing returns.


Stock market timing helps me now already for over 8 years to capitalize on the long-term trends that you can see in stock market indices. This market timing system I developed in 2003 has enabled me to benefit from the bull market between 2004 and 2007, to avoid the financial crisis of 2008 and to ride again the trend up between 2009 and today.

Three Investing for Beginners Lessons: Start with Index Funds, not Stocks



The biggest loss I ever made on a single investment was the investment in the stock of a company that I knew best. This is a great lesson for beginners who want to start investing. It was in 2000 and I bought shares in the company that I was working for. I know that company inside out. I know its industry. I know the competitors. It was and is the dominant global market leader in its market. And still I lost more than 60% of my investments in that company.

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