Gold Membership (Monthly)

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Stock Trend Investing Gold Membership (Monthly)

Do you want to outperform the stock market in 1 hour a month? Do you know that you leave money on the table when you just Buy and Hold funds without selling them when markets fall and buy them back for a lower price later?

Do you want simple Buy-Sell signals and indicators, based on solid technical analysis of stock market trends to assist you in timing the market and making money?

No obligations.

You get all our analysis, information and conclusions to outperform the stock market, but only you decide if and how much you invest. You do not tell us what you do with the information you get from us.


Here you can start your risk-free trial for our Gold Membership service.
(Be 100% happy with our service or get full refund. See further details below)

Invest Smart and Simple!


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Get Better Trend Trading and Index Investing Results


With the membership, you will:

  • Receive instant and continuous access to the latest monthly updated market timing signals, historic trend charts and our trend expectations for major domestic and international stock market indices.
  • Be warned when the major trends in the stock market are turning.
  • Have access to monthly updated Trend History Chart for the Gold price.
  • Get updated 20-year historic trend charts for a number of major Currency Exchange Rates like USD/EUR, USD/GBP, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.
  • See our recommended list of mutual and index funds for the US, Indian, Asian and European markets.


You will also be able to downlaod immediately our official Tactical Asset Allocation Model eBook as published by Stock Trend Investing.

You have our approval to share our exclusive Gold Member information with maximum three of your friends.

With our easy subscription model, there are no large fees upfront. You pay automatically every month and can stop the membership subscription at any time without giving any notice

You can now start a 60-day trial membership and get 100% of your paid membership fees refunded when you cancel the service during the trial period.

If you are not happy with the value you receive from our service, just cancel it and contact us or claim the refund via Paypal within 60 days of the start of the membership. No conditions and no questions asked for refunding your money.

If you cancel your membership, you can keep all reports, eBooks, documents and information that you have downloaded from the Gold Membership section from our website.

It took us over a decade to develop the Stock Trend Investing system. You can have this shortcut now and get access to what we have learned and successfully applied.

Invest Simple!

Understand the Economy! 


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