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Here is a simple, safe, and logical investment strategy to grow  and protect your savings systematically and consistently.

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Note: You need a computer, internet access, and some common sense.

Trend Signals and Charts tell you when the market turns

The flag-ship, proprietary and proven MATI trend signal tells you when the market turns UP and when it turns DOWN.

With the Stock Trend Investing system, you get our monthly-updated MATI trend signal for the 15 major stock market indices and for Gold.

You can immediately begin trend following any of these markets of your choice.

North America:
Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NYSE

Latin America:
BOVESPA (Brazil)

FTSE (UK), DAX (Germany), CAC (France), AEX (Netherlands)

Nikkei (Japan), Shanghai Composite (China), Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong), KOSPI (South Korea), BSE SENSEX (India)

S&P/ASX 200 (Australia)


Stock Trend Investing system


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Get these proven trend following signals and stock market timing indicators

When trend following the stock market, you use simple buy-and-sell timing signals. You only review the trend direction and your positions once per month. It takes less than one hour every month. The trend indicators inform you when to invest in index ETFs and mutual funds in the beginning of a bull market. You also get the warning signals when to sell these funds in the beginning of a bear market to avoid the down turn. This proven trend investing system is an effective long-term strategy to win in the stock market. 

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