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Earlier this week we have published our new Stock Trend Investing eBook. This eBook is at this moment freely available for those who sign up for our newsletter, which is actually free as well.

The title of the eBook is “Superior Stock Investing Results and Peace of Mind in One Hour per Month”. It is an extensive introduction to and background for the Stock Trend Investing website.

Free Investing eBook for Trend Investing, Trend Trading and Market TimingIt tells the story how and why I came to Stock Trend Investing system; to explain the journey of a decade that I have taken to get where we are.

Each of the chapters in the book links to a poll on the website. Readers are also encouraged to provide comments and feedback. The links to these pages are provided as well in the book.

See here the table of contents of the eBook to get a feeling for what it is all about.





Table of Contents

Introduction to financial freedom                    

    Stock Investing                                                             
    My time is my asset                                                        
    Saving you 10 years                                                

    Discovering the system                                             

What is wrong with buying individual stocks?                      
    Lowering your risk                                                                    

What every investor ought to know about Mutual Funds
    Difference in performance                                                    
    Which funds to select                                                                       
    Industry experts                                                                             

Have you met the two best friends of every successful investor?
    The trend is your friend                                                                      
    Time will tell                                                                                           

The secret of buying and selling is timing                                       
    Why just being about right is good enough                                   

The secret of timing is aggregating                                                    
    Initial Trend Expectations                                                                  
    A powerful tool because of the bigger picture                                 

Peace of mind with a proven system that delivers results          
    The results                                                                                           
    Do you prefer $36,700 or $71,900?                                                 

    The easy steps                                                                                    
    Peace of mind                                                                                 

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