Investing Introduction

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing

Growth investing vs. value investing: two strategies explained.

When it comes to investing in stocks, there are two major styles of investing: growth investing and value investing. There has been an intense debate as to which investment style yields the best returns and what style of investing suits investors. Let us first understand the two styles and then compare the two approaches.


Growth Investing


Growth investors subscribe to the theory that markets are efficient and the price of the stock has all the performance parameters of the company factored in.

The Stock Investing Strategy Framework

Framework for stock investing and portfolio rebalancing


Here is a framework that may help you in selecting a stock investing strategy that suits you. Different investing strategies carry different types of risks. You have to make choices here. You cannot invest and avoid all the risks. But here there is a framework that gets you a step closer.

Buy and Hold Dividend versus Trend Following Risks

Buy and Hold Dividend versus Trend Following stock investing

When you apply a certain stock investing strategy, you implicitly choose to accept the risks that go with that strategy. Here we describe the specific risks for two well-know and often applied strategies.

  1. Buy and Hold a Dividend Fund

  2. Trend Following with Stock Market Index Funds

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