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Here is a list of interesting articles and blog post on various money and stock investing related topics from other writers, blogs and websites.

Check them out and find some new writers and blog posts that you may really like.

The Kirk Report tells you to stop whining if you are missing the latest stock rally and to move on.
At My Money Blog, you learn that the actual returns that hedge funds provide are less than advertized.
The Finance Buff tells you about the experiment to buy on the dip.
The Mighty Bargain Hunter uncovers the magic of compounding and the impact this has on your financial situation.
When thinking about your investment portfolio, here are some good articles:
Oblivious Investor tells you how to clean up your portfolio.
My Money Blog explains the overnight rule for managing your portfolio.
Here is some food for thought:
Roshawn Watson debunks the three myths about making up the best ideas being enough for success.
This post from the Simple Dollar is a few weeks older but deals with an important topic: switching to long-term thinking.
Open Gardens provide a number of technology predictions and trends for 2012.
And here are a number different Personal Finance articles.
The Sustainable Life Blog discussed how paying of your mortgage has become the new status symbol.
Broke Professionals explains how to give yourself a raise and how to benefit most from the salary raises you get.
The Money for College Pro tells us what Ryan Seacrest can teach you about personal finance (I didn’t know he is such an entrepreneur).
Money Cactus teaches you how you can get anything you want without having regrets.
Fiscal Phoenix outlines how you can open and invest in a Roth IRA.
Penny Pinching Professional shares her status and progress on the financial and personal goals.
And at Steadfast Finances you find this week’s overview of the latest personal finance and lifestyle blog posts: Yakezie Carnaval – The Superbowl Clones Game.
Last week’s selection of articles you can find at The Amateur Financier.
Happy reading!
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