Early March 2012 Investing and Finance Reading

Investing and finance reading early March 2012


Here is some interesting stock investing and finance reading for the first week of March 2012.

At Fiscal Phoenix you get an introduction about investing in large, mid and small caps.
At My Money Blog you find an overview of the impact of inflation on stocks, bonds, housing and gold from 1900 to 2011.
Here is a podcast with a 2012 Buy and Hold versus Market Timing update by Merriman who has said “The main difference is with buy and hold you accept one big mistake and with timing many small mistakes.”
Mighty Bargain Hunter explains why the economy needs frugality.

Apple, Abundance, Gifts, Sustainability and More

At Watson Inc., you find 10 reasons to seek abundance.
At Money for College Project you find a nice list of 23 potential gifts for college students. My pick would be the Amazon Kindle Fire.
The Sustainable Life Blog explains that sustainability starts with knowing thyself.
And Penny Pinching Professional is sharing some musings for future career paths.
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Yakezie Carnaval

Also check out the Yakezie Carnival at Not Made of Money.


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