USD/JPY 20-Year Exchange Rate Trend and History Chart - July 2010

This USD/JPY exchange rate and trend chart shows a 20 year history. The US Dollar - Japanese Yen exchange rate is a lot in the news recently since a Dollar buys less and less Yen's. This is the historic perspective. The trend just continues. Click now here to see the historical trend investing performance and what level of results you can expect.


 US Dollar - Japanese Yen Exchange Rate Trend History Chart - July 2010

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Trends in currency exchange rates are important for
Stock Trend Investors who invest outside their home currency zone. A foreign market index could move up but the currency for that market could devalue compared to your home currency. In that case, your gains measured in your home currency would reduce or could even turn negative.



Forex Trading

We would not recommend using our USD/JPY Exchange Rate History and Trend Chart for pure forex trading. These charts are a high level tool to show the current trend in the exchange rates. Historically, exchange rate trends change much more abrupt than trends in stock markets and these changes can be rather large immediate after a turn in the trend.

But when making your decisions on in which part of the world to invest, it is important to be aware of the current trends in the exchange rates.


We have applied the Stock Trend Investing approach to recognize trends in major stock market indices now also on a few major currency exchange rates.

The following currency exchange rates are covered in our Gold Member section:
-    USD / JPY (Japanese Yen)
-    GBP / USD (British Pound)
-    USD / CHF (Swiss Franc)
-    EUR / USD (Euro)

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