Latest U.S. and European Markets History Charts

Dow Jones Trend Investing History Chart


Have a look at latest the trend investing history charts for U.S. and European stock markets in this blog post.

Do you see the U.S. markets peaking?

Do you see the European markets rounding towards or at their top?

What are you doing with your investments?

Get out of Europe? Move funds to U.S. markets? Get out he U.S. markets as well?

I am so happy that I do not have to make decisions on how to invest our savings just based on these charts. It would be very subjective to make decisions in that way. Probably my decisions would be driven by fear and greed.

Now I am just doing whatever the objective Stock Trend Investing long-term trend signals are telling us.

Based on what are you making your decisions if to risk your savings in the market or not at this moment?


S&P 500 Trend Investing History Chart


FTSE Trend Investing History Chart


DAX trend investing history chart


CAC 40 Trend Investing History Chart


dow_jones_trend_investing_history_chart_august_2014.gif33.56 KB
sp_500_trend_investing_history_chart_august_2014.gif28.53 KB
ftse_trend_investing_history_chart_august_2014.gif35.7 KB
dax_trend_investing_history_chart_august_2014.gif33.54 KB
cac_trend_investing_history_chart_august_2014.gif38.66 KB

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