Trend Following

Trend Following the Stock Market like a Hedge Fund Manager

Trend Following the Stock Market is Your unique opportunity

You have the freedom to follow the trends of your choice. Others don't.


Managers of mutual funds cannot apply trend following the stock market in their daily job. Hedge fund managers can. And you as well can use trend following the stock market. In this way you grow your savings faster than most mutual funds can do.

Typical Trend Following Questions

Trend Following Questions 


Other visitors of this trend following blog are sending us their questions and comments. You are welcome to do the same. In blog posts like this we answer some of these questions.

In this blog you find information about investing with the objective to make great long-term results without taking too much risk or too much of your time. Trend following of long-term trends in stock market indices is simple and straightforward.

The trend signals that we use to recognize the direction and changes in the trend are based on moving averages and patterns in the closing price. Here are two frequently asked questions on this:


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