Updated Stock Market Index Charts

To see the latest updated charts for almost every stock market index in the world; Yahoo Finance is a great resource.

When viewing the charts, you can select the time frame that you want to focus on. The links below show the price development for the indices during the last 5 years.




Dow Jones




S&P 500






DAX (Germany)


FTSE 100 (U.K.)


CAC 40 (France)


AEX (Netherlands)


East Asia


Nikkei 225 (Japan)


KOSPI (South Korea)


Shanghai Composite Index (China)


Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong)


Other Major Markets




BOVESPA (Brasil)


S&P 500 / ASX 200 (Australia)


GLD – Gold (ETF GLD that follows the Gold price closely)


Just be aware of the following. Afterwards it is very easy to see when a market set a top or a bottom. To recognize “real-time” when the long-term market trend changes direction is more difficult. To do so, you can use objective long-term trend signals.

Stock Trend Investing members receive every month an update on what the long-term trend direction is for each of these markets mentioned here above.


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