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How can I capitalize more on our trend analysis work and our flagship MATI trend signal? One answer is to trade the trends with options.

Therefore I started a quest to define how to best trade the long-term trends using options.

Here in the blog, you will be able to read my findings, conclusions and results.
Option trading is a relatively new area for me, thus please be patient. I’m learning myself as well.
To start, I like to show you two great resources that have been very educative for me.

Library of Option Strategies

The first one is
This is a great resource to get detailed and solid explanations on what the different option strategies are all about. When you start talking about or even using Iron Condors, Bull Put Spreads, Strangles and Straddles, you better know exactly what you are talking about.
My impression is that for descriptions and definitions of option related terms, OptionTradingPedia is much more accurate and informative than the more generic
Here is OptionTradingPedia’s full list of option strategies.

Selling Put Options My Way

Another resource that I have used and can recommend for those who like to start trading options is the blog and book “Selling Put Options My Way”.
Both book and blog posts are written by Jerry Lee. To give myself a flying start, I read in two days all the posts on this blog that started in 2010.  I also read many of the recent comments and I bought and read Jerry’s book and the additional chapter that he sent me.
Each of the blog posts attracts numerous informative comments from other readers and Jerry himself. Many of the comments are focused on how to trade Apple. Nevertheless, I think that any starter with options can pick up here something of value.

Money Index

As a final note in this post, I like to thank Tom from the Money Index to include Stock Trend Investing in their line-up. Money Index is a source of everything finance, listing the best blogs and sites in eight distinct categories.
Check it out.
Let me know any questions that you may have on how to use options to capitalize on long-term market trends. Send me an email or share it as a comment below.

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